Collaboration over Competition

Recently I have been collaborating with some other designers on some of the most exciting projects, and it made me think, what would've happened if I had seen these incredibly talented individuals purely as competition, therefore putting a wall up and shutting down any chance of ever working together. 

Some of the best experiences, conversations and opportunities have come through working with other industry leaders - local illustrators, designers and marketing gurus. Even if a professional you know is working within your sector, rather than seeing them as competition and being intimidated by their offering, how about turning that conversation into an opportunity to learn from each other? 

I'm currently in the position where I'm amazed at the doors learning this simple truth is opening, so I'm confident it can definitely help other's too. Here's 5 ways I would say that you could start the ball rolling, even if it's to change your perspective on key principles in business. 

Connect - whether this is following someone on social media or reaching out via their website or meeting through a networking group, position yourself to connect with people who inspire you to be a better version of yourself! This doesn't have to be someone in your field either, it is anyone who you feel drawn to or connect with. 

Compliment - make sure you recognise a piece of their work or styling. Kind words go a long way and compliments break down any preconceived ideas walls or 

Collaborate - Whether this is participating in a styled shoot or coming alongside another supplier. If you are stuck on how to pursue your own style or designs, maybe come alongside someone else's vision for a while.  is contagious! I learn so much by talking to those who are much further in the game than I am, 

Coachability - How do you take feedback? Are you defensive or open? We all have areas that can be improved upon, even coaches have coaches! 

Conquer - Know your strengths and work to them. If you know someone who is excellent at an area you perhaps are weak on. 




Finally, I encourage you to be yourself in your business! People connect with the person behind the product or service they are seeing.